Piano Tuning

The first question for many piano players is; how much will it cost?    The most frequent answer from the technician is, it depends.  Depends on the piano’s location and overall condition. There are other factors that can effect the price as well, such as how long it has been since the instrument has been tuned etc. Please feel free to call or email me to discuss these questions.

“Piano tuning is very much where science meets art.”

A little history of piano tuning. (more...)

The first professional piano technician didn’t really show up until around the year 1800 as there weren’t really enough pianos around.

All that changed with the piano becoming an essential part of the home.

Continuous improvements in piano engineering meant more technical skills were required than most players were prepared to learn to keep their instruments in tune and functioning properly.

Tuning today. (more...)

Today your piano tuner/technician needs to have studied and practised many years, as well as kept up with the engineering changes which are still being made.

Filberg Festival stageWhile setting the pitches of the notes is critical, it is equally critical that the piano technician be experienced in using the tools of the trade or a precisely set pitch will change within seconds.

There are very sophisticated electronic tuning devices (ETDs) available but they can only do part of the job. Ultimately it is the human ear that hears the piano and even with the use of an ETD a skilled technician never stops listening and checking through the tuning process.

My process involves using what is widely con­sidered the best of the ETDs and a life­time of musical experience.  I consider the ETD and digital electronics to be a bit like the introduction of indoor plumbing; there is no reason not to embrace the concept.

An electronic tuning device used in conjunction with a trained ear and effective tool manipulation pro­duces a superior musical result.

Why the piano goes out of tune. (more...)

The second most common question I often get is; what causes my piano to go out of tune? Again the frequent answer is, it depends. Depends on the piano’s location and overall condition. A piano that sits in front of a window, beside a door or wood stove/heat vent is not going to stay in tune very long and may even be seriously damaged.   A piano not tuned in a long time doesn’t hold a tune very long and I will often suggest we tune again when the player notices it drifting or, within six months.

Feel free to call or email me to discuss your piano’s situation.