Piano Tuning

The first ques­tion for many piano play­ers is; how much will it cost?    The most fre­quent answer from the tech­ni­cian is, it depends.  Depends on the piano's loc­a­tion and over­all con­di­tion. There are oth­er factors that can effect the price as well, such as how long it has been since the instru­ment has been tuned etc. Please feel free to call or email me to dis­cuss these ques­tions.

"Piano tun­ing is very much where sci­ence meets art."

A little history of piano tuning. (more…)

The first pro­fes­sion­al piano tech­ni­cian didn't really show up until around the year 1800 as there weren't really enough pianos around.

All that changed with the piano becom­ing an essen­tial part of the home.

Continuous improve­ments in piano engin­eer­ing meant more tech­nic­al skills were required than most play­ers were pre­pared to learn to keep their instru­ments in tune and func­tion­ing prop­erly.

Tuning today. (more…)

Today your piano tuner/​technician needs to have stud­ied and prac­tised many years, as well as kept up with the engin­eer­ing changes which are still being made.

Filberg Festival stageWhile set­ting the pitches of the notes is crit­ic­al, it is equally crit­ic­al that the piano tech­ni­cian be exper­i­enced in using the tools of the trade or a pre­cisely set pitch will change with­in seconds.

There are very soph­ist­ic­ated elec­tron­ic tun­ing devices (ETDs) avail­able but they can only do part of the job. Ultimately it is the human ear that hears the piano and even with the use of an ETD a skilled tech­ni­cian nev­er stops listen­ing and check­ing through the tun­ing pro­cess.

My pro­cess involves using what is widely con­sidered the best of the ETDs and a life­time of music­al exper­i­ence.  I con­sider the ETD and digit­al elec­tron­ics to be a bit like the intro­duc­tion of indoor plumb­ing; there is no reas­on not to embrace the concept.

An elec­tron­ic tun­ing device used in con­junc­tion with a trained ear and effect­ive tool manip­u­la­tion pro­duces a super­i­or music­al res­ult.

Why the piano goes out of tune. (more…)

The second most com­mon ques­tion I often get is; what causes my piano to go out of tune? Again the fre­quent answer is, it depends. Depends on the piano's loc­a­tion and over­all con­di­tion. A piano that sits in front of a win­dow, beside a door or wood stove/​heat vent is not going to stay in tune very long and may even be ser­i­ously dam­aged.   A piano not tuned in a long time doesn't hold a tune very long and I will often sug­gest we tune again when the play­er notices it drift­ing or, with­in six months.

Feel free to call or email me to dis­cuss your piano's situ­ation.